Viklang Sahayata Sangh (VSS) is an organization founded by a socially committed group of friends. Our object is to support & help the physically challenged people in the society, to live a life of  dignity & equality.

Our mission is to support them by giving the basic necessities of livelihood without having the hindrance to get the needed equipments & other facilities, by reaching them to their door steps.

The need for the above Sangh arose by finding the hindrances in completing the formalities & other needs of the organization which run & support the physically challenged.

We provide supportive tools to the needy physically handicapped people. We try covering all sorts of disabilities like physically handicapped, hearing impaired, dumbness & blindness providing them with the most supportive tools helping them to live their lives independently & happily. We have succeeded in bringing smiles on the faces of the needy ones through our supportive tools, counseling & educational programmes.
We focus majorly in providing aid & appliances to the physically disabled. For physically handicapped, we have been providing wheel chairs, tricycles, walkers, tripot walking sticks & crutches. For the blind, we have been supporting them with sign & guide canes and other electronic travel devices. For the hearing impaired, we provide them with analog and digital hearing aids. We have been also supporting other disabled people like dumb & mentally challenged with appropriate aiding tools.

We conduct timely surveys & campaigns in the needy areas with our counseling & educational programmes thereby helping the disabled to learn & live their day to day lives efficiently with dignity, love & happiness.
We even see to it that corrective operations are taken into consideration helping the reformable or repairable cases get a new beginning.